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Meclec Metal Finishing Providing Top Quality Service for the Motorcycle and Automotive Industry.

MECLEC METAL FINISHING has a long history in the metal finishing industry. Established in 1959, Meclec has set the metal finishing standard of unparalleled quality in the motorcycle and hot rod industry. With the completion of our new 20,000 square foot facility in 2006, we have become the pace setter in the show quality, metal finishing industry. Meclec’s quality spans the globe with a combined network of over 300 dealers and manufacturers across the continental United States, Puerto Rico and other distant locations. 

Meclec is a show quality, dealer and manufacturer based, metal finishing company specializing in the Motorcycle Restoration. Meclec uses state-of-the-art polishing and metal finishing techniques to produce the finest show quality finishes unmatched anywhere in the industry. Meclec also maintains the best turnaround times in the industry.


Meclec provides metal finishing services for Dealers and Manufactures only. To meet the Dealer requirements, you must maintain a business location and provide us with a Tax ID or Resale License Number. Our Dealer Price List is provided to qualified dealers only.

Dealer customers may drop-ship orders to Meclec using a MMF Packing List form (provide link to download form). This service is provided as a convenience to Dealers that have customers outside their immediate area. The requirement is: the Bill To must be the Dealer. Completed orders will ship directly to the customer without any price information. General public calls for metal finishing services are referred to our Dealers within the caller’s area.


Meclec maintains the same high-quality, metal finishing standard for our production customers as we do for our dealers. Our production pricing is very competitive with a standard minimum of parts, to qualify for production pricing.

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